From top to bottom: The Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Mini, Plus, Subwoofer, and Max

After hearing the Sennheiser Ambeo soundbars for the first time earlier this year, I was thrilled when the German company told me recently that they had a newer, smaller version – the Ambeo Soundbar Mini – for us to try out.

Okay, a step back first, if you’re not familiar with the Sennheiser Ambeos, the new “mini” version is the smallest in the family, after its bigger brothers, the Ambeo Soundbar Max and Soundbar Plus. The compact soundbar is simple in its design, with the a light bar that helpfully indicates how loud it is. Size-wise, it is no longer than a typical 55-inch TV.

A light bar tells you the volume. PHOTO: Alfred Siew

The Sennheiser soundbar uses software to make the sound from the six speakers deliver audio that envelops the listener, or at least makes him think he is enveloped by 7.1.4 channels of sound.

To do this, it relies on a great room calibration application that essentially maps out your space and finds the best way to present the audio. Sennheiser here, I’d say, has done an outstanding job.

That’s because with movies that support surround formats, including Dolby Atmos, you hear such immersive sounds that you can easily imagine being in the scene.

For the full review by Techgoondu, read here: Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Mini review: Immersive movie audio despite compact size

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