The Sennheiser AMBEO series are one of the most highly-regarded soundbars in the market. It delivers multi-channel surround sound with just a single soundbar unit through clever projection of the speaker drivers and self-calibration feature. The packaging, design and build quality are identical to the bigger units. While the Plus model feels rather heavy and cumbersome, the Mini model is lighter and easier to handle, though it should not be a big concern since these soundbars are not meant to be portable or moved around often.

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Mini unboxing content

So what are the differences with the AMBEO Mini against the AMBEO Plus? The number of physical connection ports are greatly reduced. The AMBEO Mini only has one HDMI TV/eARC and USB Type-A, (for USB power) while the AMBEO Plus has additional two HDMI 2.0a, a pair of RCA, one S/PDIF optical-in, and RJ-45 ethernet port. The number of drivers are also reduced to just four full-range and two subwoofers with a maximum of 250W amplification power, while the Plus model has three more full-range drivers at 400W. The Mini also does not have upward firing drivers that technically could deliver better audio virtualisation. Though the two subwoofers are actually facing upwards, they are covered below the top cover for sonic impact rather than directional positioning.

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Mini review by Chester Tan, Singapore tech blogger

The AMBEO mode certainly projects a bigger audio presence than without. The latter sounds flat and normal, while the enabled AMBEO delivers music with better separated instruments. The treble is more distinct and spatial and the sub-bass is also better defined. I can feel the soundbar rumbling with even low-frequency outputs, but when seated at a distance, the subsonic waves did not impact me readily. I reckon adding the AMBEO Sub could achieve a better sonic balance.

For the full review by Music Photo Life, read here: Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Mini Review

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