Music is one of the most powerful tools of communication there is. It can convey messages, shape emotions or bring people together. It affects anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, music will make you feel something – be it happiness, sadness, or even the urge to get up and move. 

It is a language, but unlike language, it doesn’t have to be understood to be effective. The music is there, but how you choose to listen and appreciate it, is an experience entirely unique to you. And that’s the beauty of it. 

For me, music speaks to me through dance.

In any dance journey, music is something so deeply intertwined. What I like most about music is that it guides yet never dictates my movement. It gives me the freedom to play around within the space given to me.

My dance journey started out almost as an impulse decision when I joined my school’s modern dance team. I was never the most outspoken nor outgoing personality, and to this day, being in the spotlight still makes me anxious. But taking that first step was something I won’t ever regret.

Dance became an outlet for me to vocalise my emotions through movement. I fell in love with the way my body was moving to the music and how it made me feel. It’s exciting to be expressing my style and creating movements that are ‘me’.

The Sennheiser competition gave me the chance to build on this. It provided a platform for me to dance outside a typical studio setting, and use dance to create a product with my friends. The quality of the earbuds definitely motivated me to execute it well, as I felt that winning those earbuds would help me in my journey – allowing me to better listen to the intricacies of the music and translate it to my dance. 

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