With input from users based on the first generation, Sennheiser implemented active noise cancellation (ANC) and improved the ergonomic design to further enhance the listening experience of MOMENTUM True Wireless 2.

Note: Thank you, Melvin and team from Sennheiser Singapore for loaning me the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2. It was loaned to me in exchange for my honest review and opinion. The unit will be returned to Sennheiser Singapore after this review.


As mentioned in my review on MOMENTUM Wireless, 2020 is indeed an exciting year for Sennheiser. Celebrating their 75th anniversary, Sennheiser launches several products to refresh their current lineup. The new MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 is the latest addition to Sennheiser's premium true wireless earbuds range.

I can still remember when the first generation of MOMENTUM True Wireless released, the model was sold out almost everywhere I visited. In this release, Sennheiser is aiming to offer a more superior sound quality with better ergonomic design and implementation of active noise cancellation (ANC). The MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 is going to address feedback from first generation users.

With better ergonomic design, active noise cancellation implementation and longer battery life, can Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless redefine the benchmark for a pair of premium true wireless earbuds?


Similar to other current MOMENTUM series models such as MOMENTUM Wireless, the packaging of MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 follows the characteristics of the current lineup - a box with a white background and blue liner, photo with the model name printed on the box. I would take this standardization as an approach to enhance the branding - crowds can immediately identify Sennheiser’s products from far away.

Some of the unique selling points are printed on the back of the box. At the side, users can find a list of included accessories in the box. Sennheiser publicise their in-house smartphone application, Sennheiser Smart Control there, too. I will elaborate more on this in the upcoming section.

Opening the box, it’s separated into two sections. Users can find the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 and the charging case in the upper section. The accessories box takes up the lower section.

Here are the accessories included in the box:

  • Four pairs of silicone ear tips (XS, S, M and L, M size pre-installed on the earbuds)
  • Charging cable (USB Type-A to USB Type-C)
  • Quick guide
  • Compliance
  • Safety guide


Technical Specification

● Dimensions: 76.8 x 43.8 x 34.7 mm (earbuds and charging case)
● USB Standard: USB Type-C
● Power supply: 5 V⎓ 650 mA max
● Driver type: Sennheiser 7mm dynamic driver
● Frequency response (Microphone): 100 Hz to 10 kHz
● Frequency response: 5 - 21,000 Hz
● Noise cancellation: Single-Mic ANC per earbud side
● Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.1 compliant
● Charging time: 1.5 h for full charge / 10 min for 1.5 h playtime
● App support: Sennheiser Smart Control app for iOS™ and Android™
● Battery Specification: Built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries
● Battery time: Up to 7 hrs music playtime with earbuds and up to 28 hrs music playtime with charging case
● Supported Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
● Codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX™
● Ear coupling: In-ear, closed acoustics
● Package dimensions (L x B x H): 170 x 115 x 45 mm
● THD, total harmonic distortion <0,08% (1kHz / 94dB)
● Warranty: 2 years
● Weight:
○ Both earbuds and charging case: 70 g
○ Single earbud: 6 G
○ Charging case: 58 g


The shell of MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 is made on 3 pieces of plastic. The groove in between 2 pieces of plastic is obvious. I suspect the ear buds can be disassembled easily for servicing or replacing parts.

The faceplate is made of a piece of silvery metal with Sennheiser logo printed - a modern and classy design. The touch sensor is embedded underneath the faceplate. All the controls are made through touching the faceplate. I have multiple true wireless earbuds with touch control and I feel that Sennheiser is having the most stable touch control among all.
The nozzle of MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 is relatively short as compared to in-ear monitors (IEMs). However, with the improved ergonomic design, MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 is able to provide a deep insertion with its short nozzle. There is a lip on the nozzle to offer a better catch to the ear tips.

Similar to the previous generation, the charging case is covered with a layer of fabric. The Sennheiser’s logo is printed on top of the case. At the back of the case, there is a USB Type-C charging port and a light indicator. Simply press on the button beside the charging port, the light indicator will give you the battery status of the case.


Powered by Bluetooth version 5.1, the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 provides you with stable and reliable connectivity wirelessly to your devices. Multiple audio codecs are supported - SBC, AAC and aptX™. Within a month of reviewing, I had connected it to my MacBook Air and iPhone via AAC and iBasso DX220 via aptX™. It works flawlessly with all three devices without any disturbing signal interference.


As mentioned in the earlier section, the control on MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 can be all done by touching the faceplate. The touch gesture can be customized on the Sennheiser Smart Control smartphone application. Users can select the most suitable gesture for each function, such as volume control, voice control and changing of tracks.

With this enablement, I can always leave my smartphone in my bag and control it using only the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2.

Fitting and Isolation

I have some experience with the first generation of MOMENTUM True Wireless. I always need to stretch my ears a little to fit the large earbuds. In the second generation, the ergonomic design is much improved. Now, I can easily put them into my ears without stretching. I even did some jump tests to ensure the fitting is secure.

With active noise cancellation implementation and better insertion into ears, MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 is definitely a good travelling companion. I have some opportunities to test them out on noisy public transport, they are really good in cancelling the noise from surrounding. Sennheiser is thoughtful enough to leave some safety margins so you can still be alerted by the announcement in the train station.

Sound Analysis

I paired the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 to my iBasso DX220 with aptX™ for this review. As mentioned in the previous section, it paired flawlessly to my other devices, such as MacBook Air and iPhone.

Sound Signature

The MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 has similar sound signature as other models from the MOMENTUM series - musical and fun. MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 has a L-shaped sound signature. The presentation is rich and full-bodied, with more emphasis on the bass. Similar to MOMENTUM Wireless which I reviewed earlier, it offers users a comfortable listening experience.


Soundstage is never a problem for Sennheiser. The MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 has an above average soundstage. The extensions in both horizontal and vertical axes are astonishing. The ANC status alters the soundstage a little - with ANC off, the soundstage is slightly wider, with air injected. With ANC mode off, the airy feel is minimized and the presentation is richer. Nevertheless, regardless of which mode is toggled, there are no congestions experienced.


The bass extension is decent. I didn’t experience any sub-bass roll-off. The quantity of the sub-bass can definitely satisfy bass-heads - it rumbles well. The decay of the bass has typical speed of a dynamic driver; this injects some warmth into the overall sound signature. Despite having a slower decay, it does not color or bleed to the mids. The overall presentation is still clean and clear.

I personally like the warm bass when listening to jazz. I really like how saxophones in jazz recordings sound on MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 - warm and full-bodied.

The mid bass on MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 is leaner, compared to the sub-bass. This makes space for the mids. The transition from the lows to mids has been done well. Sennheiser demonstrated their accuracy in tuning their IEMs in MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 - this is definitely an audiophile grade of true wireless earbuds!


Having said that the lows are getting more emphasis, the mids of MOMENTUM True Wireless are not shy at all. It exhibits the slightly warm signature from the lows, making itself rich and smooth. The presentation is full-bodied and natural. The layering between mids and lows have been done well in MOMENTUM True Wireless 2.

Listening to Taiwanese-band, Mayday’s Life World Tour concert album, I got the autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) effect from Ashin’s vocal presented by MOMENTUM True Wireless 2. This is how amazing the vocals are.

The positioning of the vocals is slightly backward compared to the lows. This makes the overall listening experience comfortable because the vocals do not get too shouty, which is one of the effects that cause fatigue in prolonged listening.

Female vocals are handled well by MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 too. When Olivia Ong starts singing in Fly Me to the Moon, she owns the whole stage. Sweet, airy and spacious female vocals melt my heart immediately.


The highs are well extended. Cymbals sound crisp and natural. The MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 accurately recreates the plucking of a guitar, too. The highs inject huge amounts of air and space to the overall presentation. The overall fidelity is outstanding for a True Wireless earbuds. The air and space in the highs contribute to the end result of a wide soundstage.

As compared to other models from Sennheiser, the highs of MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 are more reserved. This further enhances the comfortability in listening. Together with the slightly warm bass, the music flows smoothly and naturally to your ear drums, without any factors that can irritate or cause fatigue.


The Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 successfully addressed the feedback from users based on the first generation. The second generation is indeed more user-friendly and closer to perfection. While preserving the excellent sound quality, Sennheiser improved the ergonomic design and implemented cutting-edge technologies like ANC and Bluetooth V5.1 to further strengthen the second generation of MOMENTUM True Wireless.

I can now listen to it for hours due to the comfortability in both wearing and sonic performance. Thanks to the long battery life and stability in connection, I can move around in my office freely with MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 on.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 is retailing at SGD$449 (USD$299). You can purchase it from Sennheiser Official Website for individual countries. For those who are in Singapore, you can opt for an installment plan by Hoolah. Amongst all its upgrades, Sennheiser sees an increasing demand for the white variant and MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 has this color option now!

Sennheiser got it right in the first generation of MOMENTUM True Wireless and I am glad that they are even another step closer to perfection with the second generation. MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 is definitely a strong contestant within its price range.

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0


  • Customizable touch control
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Long battery life
  • Good fitting and isolation
  • Deep and well-extended bass
  • Full-bodied mids
  • Well-controlled highs
  • Comfortable sound signature
  • Stylish charging case


  • High price

About Teo Yong Shun

Yong Shun is a chemical engineer by training and an audiophile with years of experience in the audio industry as an audio consultant in one of the major Hi-Fi shops in Singapore. Appreciating good music is my daily task and I love to share the greatness with the community. Love what you listen to, with what you have, where you are. Founder of The Audiolocheese.



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