The Senneheiser IE 300 is distinctively a “high-fidelity” IEM, with outstanding treble response and responsive bass that extends downwards to the sub-range. What strikes me when I listened to it for the first time is the intentional forward sound staging.

Sparkling highs! Many earphones have tried to make their treble sound bright to give the impression of resolution and details, but the IE 300 sounds very polished without harshness and fatigue. It’s like they created a glossy shine on a piece of music without blinding the listener. The percussion is so precise that you can even discern the varying tonality performed by the drummer on virtuosic passages that I would normally not be able to determine. I believe the trick is in spreading the instruments over a wider plane so that it does not sound too intense. In a good way, the IE 300 is delivering the same treble details that made me enjoy the HD 800 S, but the HD 800 S is still unbeatable in terms of sound staging.

Sennheiser IE 300 review by Music Photo Life, Singapore tech blog

The sound signature of the IE 300 is very easy to enjoy. Who doesn’t want super clear sounds and deep bass? When sampling Hiromi’s “Alive” album, the drum lines have never been so prominent, while the bass lines are equally distinct. Though the drum is less sparkling, the piano takes its rightful place of prominence while the bass produces a fuller blended resonance reaching towards the midrange. The overall mix is a little warmer, more analogue.

For the full review by Music Photo Life, read here: Sennheiser IE 300 Review and Comparison

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