You probably could guess the verdict of this review since the IE 200 is now the lowest-priced among the Sennheiser IE-series. What if I tell you that you guessed wrong? The IE 200 is actually a more balanced sounding earphones compared to the IE 300, which offers prominent bass with sizzling hot treble, the IE 900 refined the treble transparency to the next level while keeping the bass controlled and less bloated. The IE 600 attempts to re-align the sound towards a more balanced, neutral sound and keeping the sound staging a little tighter, so it loses that airiness of the IE 900 but still presents excellent details.

Sennheiser IE 200 compared with IE 300(from left) Sennheiser IE 200 and IE 300

The IE 200 can be seen as the poorer sibling of the IE 600, where it maintains good neutrality but is less articulate and relatively less detailed. But its frequency response is less offensive, it has good bass presence, it has clear engaging treble, its midrange is also cosy without too distracting. Compared to the IE 300, the sound staging among the instruments sound more cohesive on the IE 200. The bass is less overpowering which brings out midrange better. The IE 300 is somewhat too preoccupied with tuning the treble to such extraordinary feel that it somewhat neglects the balancing of the midrange instruments. No doubt the IE 300 sounds more impressive on initial listen, but the IE 200 is more faithful to the source.

For the full review by Music Photo Life, read here: Sennheiser IE 200 Review: Better Balance Compared to IE 300

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