Sennheiser HD 560S review by Music Photo Life, Singapore tech blog

Sennheiser HD-series are not known for using over-the-top details or decorated materials (except the premium models), and what I really like about the HD 650/660S/6XX is that almost every part of the headphones can be replaced with after-market parts. The HD 560S feels like a pair of budget headphones, but comfort remains above everything else. The replaceable velour earpads offer long usage with generous room to prevent getting in contact with your ears. The headband pads appear to be glued on, but no doubt it is a matter of ripping it and sticking a fresh one when the time comes.

Sennheiser HD 560S vs. HD 650 review by Music Photo Life, Singapore tech blog

(from left) Sennheiser HD 650 vs. HD 560 S

How does this new “reference” sound like? The first impression is that the HD 560S is bright-sounding and delivers clear smooth treble. The bass delivers clean impact without too pushy. Midrange is also naturally present, not too warm nor full. Overall, these headphones tilt towards the upper frequencies to deliver clarity and definition supported with grounded bass for overall balance. The open-back design prevents energy build-up, allowing intensive passages to dissipate with ease.

I find the HD 650 more warm-sounding, more bass extension, more generous with midrange, less forward treble, more smooth, more cozy sound staging, while the HD 560S sounded a little more clinical, sibilance and percussion are clearer on the HD 560S without needing to listen hard. The treble is actually not too thin, retaining body and substance.

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