Sennheiser says its new IE 300 in-ear headphones have been meticulously crafted to offer nuanced, natural sound on the go.

According to the company, employing a newly refined version of the brand's 7mm Extra Wide Band (XWB) transducer results in a well-balanced sound signature and excellent sonic accuracy. The new transducer is proudly built in house at the company's headquarters in Germany.

In developing the IE 300, Sennheisers engineers are said to have refined every component, including an optimised membrane foil that minimises natural resonances and total harmonic distortion (THD < 0.08 % at 1 kHz, 94 dB). The transducer back volume has also been optimised to minimise reflection within the housing, and further refinement to the resonator chamber that removes masking resonances in the ear canal for more refined and detailed treble.

Offering a frequency response of 6 Hz – 20 kHz, Sennheiser says “the IE 300 delivers clear high frequencies with a subtle and warm musicality that brings greater intimacy to vocals.”


Kuan Wee Hong, Senior Product Manager, CE Retail at Sennheiser Asia, told  StereoNET:

“When you are passionate about audio, details matter. That's why we meticulously crafted the IE 300 to let listeners hear every nuance in their music. The IE 300 is designed to be a companion on the go, while still providing a superior audio experience, no matter your surroundings.”

The IE 300's supplied 3.5mm cable is reinforced with para-aramid for outstanding stability even after thousands of bend cycles and can easily be replaced for optimal flexibility. For additional strain relief, the high-quality gold-plated Fidelity+ MMCX connector is seated in a recessed, 4.8mm-wide socket in the housing.  Its ergonomic features include individually adjustable flexible ear hooks and silicone and memory foam ear adaptors in three sizes (S/M/L).  A premium carry case is included for safe and convenient storage.


Balanced cables with 2.5mm or 4.4 connectors are also available as optional accessories. 

The new Sennheiser IEM 300 will be   available as early as 19 January 2021   in selected markets in Asia, it   will sell for S$449 (US$299.95) in Singapore.

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